26-02-2016 12:00 am - 09:00 pm | Venue: American International School, Hawally


“TEF  Invites you for the 16th Year Inaugural Programme”
EVENT                  :  TEF 16TH YEAR INAUGURAL PROGRAMME – 2016
THEME                  :  Proud of Being an Indian’ 
DATE                    : 26TH February 2016
TIME                    :  9.00AM  TO  5.00PM
VENUE                 :  American International School–Hawalli,KUWAIT
Dear TEF ians,
As everyone knows that ‘NRIs are the Unofficial Brand Ambassadors of India’. They carry the value, culture and pride of India to the entire world. We NRIs live peacefully in any part of the world , in addition, whatever respect, social status, we Indians (NRIs) receive from the global community in any parts of the world is merely because of the Value of the Term ‘INDIANS’ and because of the Global respect on our Country India , Power of our Nation and due to the Cultural Pride. More importantly all our current status, position, dignity in abroad countries are because of the contribution and knowledge which we received from our home land - India (no one can deny it and no one can challenge it). Hence, it is a mandatory and essential obligation for all NRIs to join together and enhance the Pride of India further and further, not merely to set our Indian Flag always high in the world, also for all of us Indians continue to live peacefully and respectfully in any part of the world.Whereas the recent trend and analysis within most of our NRI community shows that their younger generations prefers to settle outside India as there is always an affinity towards Western Countries in terms of Education, Social status and various other reasons . Hence the patriotic bonding and nativity attachment with our home country among younger NRI generations is slowly diminishing which is not a good indication.
If we elderly NRIs does not educate our Children about the Values of our own India and motivate them with the need for making India shining globally in the World, who else is going to teach our Younger Generation?.. Who else is going to guide them? How we will make our India also as similar to some of the favored Western Countries?.
As a part of reviving and highlighting the values of being a Patriotic Indian and re-igniting the minds of our Younger Generation and grooming them to the future Leaders of India by of “SERVING OUR COUNTRY WITH PRIDE AND PATRITOISM”, we Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) has initiated a theme for our 16th Year Inaugural Event ‘Proud to Be an Indian’ Felicitated by our Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E Mr. Sunil Jain  in an attempt to motivate the Young Minds with the Values of our native land where we all belongs to.
”Honor, Pride and Need of Serving Our Nation with True Patriotism”
-Mr.Srinivasapuram Krishnaswamy  PVSM, AVSM, VM and Bar,
19th Chief of Air Staff of India
For  the  First  time  in  Kuwait  History  ,  TEF  is     proud  and  honored      in having the TOP BRASS from our INDIAN ARMED FORCES   visiting    Kuwait as    the    Chief    Guest    of    TEF’s    16th    Year    Inaugural    Programme, Mr.Srinivasapuram  Krishnaswamy,  PVSM,  AVSM,  VM  and      Bar who was the 19th  Chief  of  Air  Staff  of  India.  He is an expert  on    Electronic warfare  and  was  felicitated  with  the       Agni  Award  for  Self-Reliance for promoting  indigenous  development  in  the  Indian  Armed  services and the Commander for Western Air Command and Operational commander during the Kargil War.   As a Veteran and   a True Patriot of our   Nation,       he   is   going   to   share   his   knowledge   &   experience   in    HONOUR,    PRIDE   AND   NEED  OF  SERVING  OUR  NATION  WITH  TRUE PATRIOTISM
SUN TV fame "Pattimandram" Raja
NRI  kids  are  always  proud  of  their  residing  place  in  comparison  to their home land, without realizing that their residency is a temporary one only. Also, NRI kids always think that they have very good facilities compare  to  the  one  available  in  their  home  land  but  the  reality is  "everything  is  available  in  our  home  land  itself  and  most  of  the things are imported from our home land”.  SUN    TV fame “Pattimandram”  Raja  will  humorously  handle  the  session  which  will make    the    kids    to    realize    that    the    best    of    everything    (best education,  best  medical  facility  and  best  place  for  the  art  &  culture) is available in our home land
"Making Future Leaders of India"
Mr. Aeron IsraelJebasingh, IAS,
Director of Officers IAS Academy
As a True Indian, are we all concerned on the quality of governance in the country? Do we aspire to make Indian shine and excel?   Do we motivate our Young Kids (Our Future Generations) in their aspirations to improve the existing social, economic, infrastructural, civic conditions and contributing to the policy decisions on welfare and development of our Country? As a Contribution  to  the  development  of   the  ‘Making  of  our  Future Leaders  of  India’,  Mr.  Aeron  Israel  Jebasingh,  IAS, Director  of  Officers  IAS  Academy  is going to deliver his speech on ENTERING CIVIL SERVICES TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY IS NO MORE A MIRAGE ... To Excel you need to Climb on a Pyramid.. Then you will reach higher with little Competition..
                                               “ABILITY UNLIMITED” 
Directed by Dr.Syed Sallaluddin Pasha
Founder and Artistic Director
-an Innovative Holistic, Dynamic and Artistic Dance Performance
Indians have always proved their untamed skills, abilities and talents to the whole world in various manners. As a demonstration and showcase of  one of  the     such unique  achievement  from  our  Indians,  TEF  has  arranged  an  Innovative  Holistic ,   Dynamic   Dance   Performance   by   differently   abled   youngsters   from   ‘Ability Unlimited ‘who has the credentials and accomplishments from Guinness Book of World Records, LIMCA Book of Records ,   National Award From President Of India, CNN-IBN   Award   ,    Karmaveer Puraskaar   National   Award,   Sanskrit   Award, International  Theatre  Festival  Award  ,  American  Education  Foundation  Award, Kabir   Das   Of   21st   Century   Award,   Unesco   Project   For   Tsunami,   Life   Time Achievement  Award,  Social  Reformation  In  The  Educational  Institution  Award etc.,  and much more ..,
If  you  are  Proud  of  Being  a  Indian  and  Care  about  our  Home  Land - Attend positively and punctually for TEF’s 16th Year Inaugural Event- BE INSPIRED AND GET INSPIRED

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Best Regards

Dr.Shan Senthil

General Secretary