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The Tamilnadu Engineers Forum in Kuwait is an association formed from the alumni of engineering colleges in the State of Tamilnadu, India. The forum has a membership of about 550 Engineers from various disciplines & industries spread around Kuwait.

The Forum functions as an umbrella organization encapsulating smaller chapters of Alumni Associations of all the Engineering Colleges, located in Tamil Nadu. The forum entertains alumni from engineering colleges that are approved by Government of Tamil Nadu and All India Council for Technical Education. The Forum also recognizes personnel who have successfully completion the following:

  • Part A and Part B Examinations conducted by The Institution of Engineers India
  • The higher education offered by Madras Institute of Technology under the title "DMIT" or "B.Tech"
  • B.Arch and Bachelor of Interior Design

In case of a member who does not belong to any one of the Institutions mentioned above, the executive committee shall decide to offer membership, after careful evaluation of the background of the College, location, affiliation of statutory bodies. Forum accepts candidates for membership from candidates who are ethnic Tamilian, educated elsewhere outside Tamil Nadu, whose permanent address is in Tamil Nadu. Special memberships shall be offered to candidates who have a high level of contribution for Tamil and Engineering Community by way of his research, political position and or personal popularity.

Following Universities in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere are recognized by the forum

  • Madras University
  • Anna University
  • Periyar University
  • Bharathiyar University
  • Bharathidasan University
  • Annamalai University
  • Alagappa University
  • Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Madurai University
  • Sundraranar University
  • Mother Therasa University
  • World Tamil University - Washington DC USA
  • Other Universities which are in existence at present in Tamil Nadu. 

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote personal and professional interaction between the members
  • Shall assist individual registration of members in Kuwait Society of Engineers.
  • Create a fraternity including members families and when possible create avenues for family to exhibit their talents
  • Represent members in matters of common that does not jeopardizes the interests of the forum.
  • Act as the conduit for channeling any and all contributions of the Forum members' intellectual, technical, financial or otherwise, to the State of Tamil Nadu and State of Kuwait.
  • Strive to enhance technical education in the State of Tamil Nadu by all possible means.
  • Work towards providing employment opportunities of jobless members and new comers from Tamil Nadu from any of the listed Institutions.
  • Provide guidance to educate children of members for higher education
  • Shall canalize advise on matters such as financial investment, real estate and banking to Forum members
  • Shall maintain a website for its exclusive purpose and all information needed shall be channelized through the website.
  • Shall plan and conduct seminars on topics which are of interest to the fraternity
  • Forum shall conduct social get together with entertainment such as music, drama and arts by bringing in eminent personalities from India or elsewhere.
  • Shall bring out Souvenirs and publications which are technical and social in nature. The revenue collected from the entertainment shows, souvenirs, publications etc., shall be utilized only for the purpose of Forum members' purposes. Such revenues cannot be utilized for any other business activities, purchases and or investments on behalf of Forum
  • Shall donate for needy after careful consideration of financial position
  • Shall institute a scholarship scheme for the poor and needy college students studying in Engineering College in Tamil Nadu where possible



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Our professional integrity

We comply with laws, regulations and standards that apply to us in our professional conduct. We will uphold our name. We do not misrepres


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