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05-11-2015 12:00 am - 03:00 pm | Venue: Al Hashemi Grand Ball Room, Radisson Blu, Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya

6th Technological Innovations Conference & Exposition (TICE)

We are glad to announce our mega technical event, 6th Technological Innovations Conference & Exposition (TICE) is scheduled on 5th November 2015 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Kuwait.

In today’s world, there is a strong and urgent need to accelerate the pace of innovation, technology and its application to meet the growing competition in industries to tap the most efficient and sustainable resources. Innovation is becoming the bread winner of industries. Considering the pressures and challenges, we share the judgement “It is inadequate to grow at a moderate pace to match the ever growing needs of professionals and public at large”.  Hence, TEF has chosen “Accelerating growth” as the theme of TICE 2015. By this, TEF intends to be a catalyst in accelerating the contacts / connections amongst professionals in order to stay in pace with the fast growing technologies and innovations.


We anticipate a large presence of professionals & presenters from various countries to be part of this event. Exhibitors from different fields would be among us to share their solutions to the technological challenges and to exhibit their products and innovations. The event is open to all Engineers from various Industries / Technical forums / Educational institutions in Kuwait.

We request active participation from every TEF member. Please mark this day in your calendar and plan in advance to be a part of this event conducted during a working day. Also, please feel free to extend the invitation to your technical peers / colleagues (Non-TEFians) for the event and make the event a great success.

We solicit your personal & active participation by being present and influencing at least one Non-TEFian to join this conference, which will bring greater success and will strengthen our initiatives. Please mark 5th November 2015 in your calendar!  Further details will follow.