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19-09-2014 12:00 am - 12:30 pm | Venue: Rajdhani Palace, Mangaf

Entertainment - Sports 2/2014

Dear members


Welcome back from the nice and lovely vacation. Though you may still be missing people ‘back home’, the TEF activities planned for second half would keep you engaged.


We planned to start with a one day TEF in-house Badminton Tournament on Friday 19th Sep 2014. The event is open to TEF men, women, and children above 10 years of age. Those interested may please send in your nominations only to tefnominations@gmail.com, on or before Sunday 14th Sep 2014 with the following details



Participant’s name:

TEF Members name (for spouse & children):

Date of Birth (DOB) – (needed only for members children):

Contact Num (Mob & LAN)



  1. 1.      Only Doubles is planned. Nominations to be sent as team (2 players, however those unable to get a partner can send as individuals and the partner would be arranged on the day of event.
  2. 2.      The event would be conducted at Mangaf (detail route map would be sent shortly)


Come participate and enjoy.



TEF Communication Team - 2014

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