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10 Jan 2024 | Wednesday

01 | TEF Conducted 1st TECHNICAL SEMINAR of the Year 2024 @ Crowne Plaza, Kuwait


Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF), Kuwait is a leading Engineers Association, the one & only ISO 9001:2015 certified non-Profitable organization, registered with the Indian Embassy, Kuwait. TEF with an active membership of more than 550 Engineers from the state of Tamilnadu, have been effectively contributing to the growth of various sectors in Kuwait.

TEF has the credential of successfully initiating the first ever “Technological Innovations Conference & Exposition (TICE)” in Kuwait and continuously organizing the globally renowned and acclaimed event since 2010, which brings out several Innovative Technologies and Solutions from various countries.

In the year 2024, TEF has scheduled to organize 8th EEA & 15th Conference, which will be conducted on 10th October 2024 (Thursday) with a Theme of “Redefine the World using (Cutting-Edge & Bleeding-Edge) Technologies”

TEF organized the 1st Technical Seminar on “Multiple Techniques to Improve the Efficiency of Fired Heaters and Reduce Emissions”. It was conducted on 10th January 2024 @ Al Andalus Ballroom, Crowne Plaza, Kuwait. Event sponsors were Integrated Global Services (IGS) & SATCO Energy.

Program Started @ 6.30 PM with Tamil Thai Vaazhthu, followed with Safety moment by Engr. Kasi Visvanathan and Thirukkural Mozhithal by Engr. Kalaiyarasan.

TEF-2024 Joint treasurer Mr. Samuel welcomed the Guest speakers, Sponsors & TEFians to the 1st Technical seminar of the year 2024.

TEF-2024 President Mr. Krishna Jegan shared the Presidential address, welcomed the Guest Speakers, Sponsors and TEF members. President outlined the program details scheduled to commemorate the Silver Jubilee year for TEF.  Also, explained about the importance of Continuous Professional Development in individual’s career and TEF’s commitment to add value to TEF members.

This seminar from IGS, had two sessions with presentation from the experts on Fired Heater Efficiency. They provided insight into the latest techniques for enhancing the efficiency of fired heaters and reducing emissions. The Presenters were Mr. Scott, Vice President International Business Development & Technical Operations and Mr. Shyam, Regional Business Development Director and the representatives from their local partner SATCO Energy.

After every presentation, Question & Answer session continued for more than 15 minutes and concluded with vote of Thanks by Engr. Balan, Vice President TEF-2024.

It was an wonderful evening with highly interactive sessions.

Event was Coordinated by Engr. Kishore, Joint Sec. TEF-2024. Anchoring was done by Engr. Hanif Mohammad & Engr. Gem Prasanna and the program came to an end with a delicious dinner.

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