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23 Jan 2020 | Thursday

TEF-2020 - First Technical Seminar at Fintas Community Hall

TEF Kuwait - Marching towards being a globally recognized Engineering Forum

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF, Kuwait) is the first and the only Non Profit Association registered with Indian Embassy certified to ISO 9001 Standards and the only association for Tamil alumni Engineers from all Engineering colleges from Tamilnadu who are working in Kuwait. TEF has initiated various unique Technical and Community Support Events in Kuwait including the Technological Innovation Conference (TICE), Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) , Monthly Technical Seminars , Women of Wisdom (WOW),  Health Fitness activities and events related its native Culture & Tradition which are highly recognized and patronized by various Business Communities in Kuwait and Internationally.   

Marching in the 21st year of its Operations in Kuwait, the new Organizing Committee for this year 2020 includes Eng. Jeyakumar (President), Eng. Ramesh Kumar (Vice President), Eng. Amuthan Ilakkuvan (General Secretary), Eng. Kishore Kumar (Joint Secretary), Eng. Raghuraman (Secretary Finance), Eng. Raja Rathinam (Joint Secretary Finance), Eng. Shahul Hameed (Secretary – IT)  and Committee Members including Eng. Segu Yussuf, Dr. Balathandayutham, Eng. Suresh Ramanathan, Eng. Ramanan, Eng. Tamilarasan , Eng. Velmurugan, Eng. Rajkumar, Eng. Murugesan, Eng. Kapil Duraisamy, Eng. Piramuthu Makesh, Eng. Mansoor Allaji, Eng. Ari Haran, Eng. Hyder Ali

TEF 2020 Team initiated its first event in a most unique manner – A Strategy workshop, first of its kind Workshop & Training executed in the entire Middle East with the aim of Strategy Development for Non- Profitable Association and was successfully conducted as a two days event on 23rd and 24th January 2020.

The purpose of the Workshop was to train and groom all its members to familiarize and develop methods of Strategy Development for Non-Profit and Community support groups and utilizing such knowledge to elevate the TEF Forum to become a globally recognized Non-Profitable Organization. Members attended in large numbers and shared their innovative thoughts & suggestions to develop socially responsible activities within the Forum towards the betterment of its members and wellness to the society.

Lots of learning, exercises, team-work, discussions, objectives, framed by the participants made the session to be highly effective. All the participants overwhelmingly expressed the views on transforming the Forum to ‘Become a Global Organization working towards the Sustainable development of the Society and Communities by contributing the Professional Expertise of its members inherited with their traditional culture’.

The event was mentored by International Strategy Experts from ToolBox India Foundation with Presenters Mrs. Vijaya Balaji and Ms. Shreya Khedia conducting the interactive session.

TEF is aspiring to make more meaningful contribution to the Society in the coming days by involving more Engineering Communities together and any Tamil Engineers working in Kuwait who wish to join this Forum as a Member can visit its web page www.tefkuwait.com, download the application form and reach the organizing team members for enrollment.

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