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24 Sep 2014 | Wednesday

An Appeal for Assistance to fellow Indians in Jammu & Kashmir

Dear members As you are well aware of the extensive damage caused to life and live stock at Jammu & Kashmir due to incessant rain & deluge of river water across the state. Even after 2 weeks many of the houses are submerged in flood water and are sheltered at government camps or internally displaced. To rebuild the life of those severely affected in the state, the PM of India has made an appeal to all Indians to extend the possible support however small it maybe which would go a long way to the needy. In line with this, we appeal to our TEF community to pass on your contribution to our volunteers (indicated below) or drop it in the collection bag (with a notebook) in Medina stores. Your financial contributions will be consolidated and will be handed over to His Excellence, the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait. Appreciate if the contributions are passed on before 02 October 2014. Let us extend a helping hand to fellow Indian to rebuild their life and make a decent living. TEF Volunteers 1. Mr. Elamaran – Abu Halifa - 99685326 2. Mr. Muthu Chidambaram – Abu Halifa – 97244891 3. Mr. Sabapathy – Mangaf – 66827289 4. Mr. Vadivelan – Mangaf – 69902602 5. Mr. Ramanan – Fahaheel – 66542298 6. Mr. Chandrakanth – Salmiya – 97609456 TEF communication Team