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26 Feb 2020 | Wednesday

‘Interact with SOPHIA’, an Artificial Intelligence Workshop for children of all Indian Schools

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF Kuwait) organizes ‘Interact with SOPHIA’, an Artificial Intelligence Workshop for children of all Indian Schools

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF Kuwait) celebrated its 21st Inaugural Program and Curtain Raiser event TEF is the only ISO9001 Certified Non-Profit Engineering Association in Kuwait which provides technical, knowledge sharing and professional development programs to its members.
TEF is now also the first and only Association to receive ISO26000 Accreditation for Standards of Social Responsibility

To instigate the attainment of the ISO26000 the TEF Team2020 Committee organized a session for benefitting Children of all the Indian Schools in Kuwait

The Chief Guests of the event was, the most demanding VIP, the first Non-Human to receive an United Nations Award, the Saudi Arabian Citizen, the Humanoid Robot ‘SOPHIA’

A session called ‘Interact with Sophia’ was organized which was to showcase Artificial Intelligence with a live example of witnessing the first ever United Nations declared ‘Innovations Champion’. The efforts were to facilitate an interactive workshop of physically seeing and understanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SOPHIA and similar AI creations are known for finding applications in healthcare, climate, elderly care.

Another glory of the day was the ‘Pride of India’, prodigy from our native ‘Ms. Visalini’ who is a recipient of 5 World Records:
-Highest IQ in the World, her IQ level is 225
-Youngest CCNA World Record Holder
-Youngest IELTS World Record Holder
-Youngest Exin Cloud Computing World Record Holder
-Youngest CCSA World Record Holder

Children were very excited and interacted by asking questions and hearing answers from SOPHIA and Ms. Visalini. Children had the opportunity to have photos taken with Sophia and Ms. Visalini. An interview of visiting Children was conducted to hear their pleasure and get their feedback for the purpose of improving and support the ISO reporting

The event was hosted by MC Ms. Rachana who had the right experience of staging similar events with Robots and Children to make it very interactive and lively

General Secretary Eng. Amuthan welcomed the gathering, anchoring was done by Eng. Raja Rathinam and Vote of Thanks was delivered by Eng. Kishore Kumar

TEF thanks the Management, staffs, parents and Children of all the Indian Schools for attending the program and the organized form that they nominated their students in disciplined manner

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF, Kuwait) is the first and the only Non-Profit Association registered with Indian Embassy certified to ISO 9001 Standards and the only association for Tamil alumni Engineers from all Engineering colleges from Tamilnadu who work in Kuwait.

The Organizing Committee for the year 2020 comprises Eng. Jeyakumar (President), Eng. Ramesh Kumar (Vice President), Eng. Amuthan Ilakkuvan (General Secretary), Eng. Kishore Kumar (Joint Secretary), Eng. Raghuraman (Secretary Finance), Eng. Raja Rathinam (Joint Secretary Finance), Eng. Shahul Hameed (Secretary – IT)  and Committee Members Eng. Segu Yussuf, Dr. Balathandayutham, Eng. Suresh Ramanathan, Eng. Ramanan, Eng. Tamilarasan , Eng. Velmurugan, Eng. Rajkumar, Eng. Murugesan, Eng. Kapil Duraisamy, Eng. Piramuthu Makesh, Eng. Mansoor Allaji, Eng. Ari Haran, Eng. Hyder Ali

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