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13-05-2016 12:00 am - 03:00 pm | Venue: Others

WOW...on 13th May 2016

Dear TEF Member


WOW !! – Another great event by TEF 2016 Team..


For the First time in Kuwait  TEF is organizing the WOW  Event – ‘Women of Wisdom’ , an exclusive event for the Ladies..  This event is slightly different than our regular Ladies events or get together events..


Do you believe that all our TEF Women are the real Organizational Leaders in Kuwait. Wondering how ?? and why??


We could witness the same on our regular day to day life & activities .They are the ones who manage the entire family Organization perfectly more than any Man, irrespective of several hurdles & pressure coming  from various sides and also more importantly even managing a Professional Leader (TEFian) who leads several people in a Company / leads several teams & projects in an organization which automatically positions our TEF Woman to be at the Top of the Organizational Leadership Pyramid.


Although our ladies have huge inborn talents, because of the social circumstances and culture, their such natural leadership talents are not much exposed or utilized. Majority of them confine themselves in to a small family circle and hugely depend on their Spouse for family survival and making their Children also to depend on the Father losing the Powerful  Feminine Identity..


When  Life goes smooth, they don’t face any difficulties . But when their Partner gets in to some sort of difficulties in business or financial or health or morale etc,  the entire family gets disturbed. During such difficult situation, ladies usually takes the responsibility of shouldering the entire burden of the family. Few lucky people with the support of Friends and Relatives gets pass these circumstances, whereas few get in to real difficulties ..


This environment needs to be changed … They need to groom their SELF identity and they need to  find sources of  own hope and courage , personality , inspiration and energy for action during any such challenging times..It is our obligation to ensure that our entire TEF family members should be self dependent , transforming their personal and collective consciousness and making all our TEF Ladies to be Women of Wisdom .. Virtuous Women .


Hence TEF 2016 has initiated this WOW Event Concept exclusively for TEF Ladies with the following sessions.  


Event Date                  : 13th May 2016 (Friday)

Timing                         :  9.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Venue                          : Shall be announced soon

Entry Restriction         : Exclusively for Ladies & Girls – Female TEF member , Wife of TEF Member and their Daughters (above 12 Years only)

Strictly  Child less than 12 years old and Non TEF Family members are not allowed                 

Food                            : Breakfast and Lunch will be served                                       


Event Details :


1.    Session on  ‘Women Entrepreneurship Skills Development by  Dr.R.Jayaraman, Member Secretary – Center for Entrepreneurship  Development, Tamilnadu who will address  the path forward for Women in becoming successful Entrepreneurs, Tips, Facilities, Government support/ subsidies, Case Studies, with a motto of creating our TEF ladies to rule the world by becoming successful Entrepreneurs in the Society resulting in to creation of employment, wealth for our ladies , self dependency ultimately contributing to inclusive development.


2.    Session on Personality Development and Transformation Workshop for Women ‘Enthusiasm Runs through my Blood’ by, India’s NO : 1 Motivational Speaker and Success Coach- Mr.Naseer Khan to enhance our TEF Women’s social and business skills, public speaking, performance, confidence and self-worth.


3.    Session on Life saving self-defense skills exclusive for Women by Mr.Sreeram , Krav Maga , Chennai, well renowned for its sharp reflexes and self defense techniques for Women (even for common women not having any previous martial arts experience / physical fitness)  to ensure that our ladies can survive anywhere safely in any part of the world at any circumstances.. A timely essential need for our ladies and girls in this present society.


We hope this 1st WOW initiative in Kuwait by TEF 2016 Team will set as a ‘Benchmark Event for Ladies in Kuwait’ and hope this WOW- Kuwait to spread its wings to other communities and globally, positioning TEF Ladies as the professional leaders in the Society.  


If your spouse is out of Kuwait or Child is studying aboard, please ensure them to make their presence and attend this event positively on 13th May 2016, as this is an unique rare opportunity.


Best Regards



General Secretary


Email: anjal@tefkuwait.com

Mobile: 67002569