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13-11-2020 | Friday | Priority: High

Election circular to elect a new Organizing Committee



As the tenure of the existing committee for TEAM2020 comes to an end it is time for Election for New Committee Members for the year 2021.

The nominations for the following positions are invited from active TEF members/Groups.

  1. Executive Committee Member - President
  2. Executive Committee Member - Vice President
  3. Executive Committee Member - General Secretary
  4. Executive Committee Member - Joint Secretary
  5. Executive Committee Member - Secretary -IT
  6. Executive Committee Member - Treasurer
  7. Executive Committee Member - Joint Treasurer
  8. Organizing Committee members – Max 18 nos.

The Election Committee shall comprise of Mr. Bala Elamaran and Mr. Ramaraj and the nominated Election officer shall be Mr. Bala Elamaran

Nominations for Executive Committee members shall be from active TEF members who have paid membership fees for the year 2020 and who have already served as a Committee member for the full tenure.

Nominations for Organizing Committee members can be from active TEF members who have paid the membership fees for the year 2020.

The nominations can be submitted on or before 6.00 PM on 30th November 2020

The nominations shall be send to belamaran@yahoo.com and gramaraj@yahoo.com with a cc to anjal@tefkuwait.com

Any withdrawal of nominations can be made on or before 6.00 PM on 4th December 2020.

The final list of nominated Team members for the election shall be declared by the Election Officer by 7.00 PM on 4th December 2020. 

If there are multiple nominations for a post, elections shall be conducted on 11th December 2020 from 6.00 PM to 11.59 PM through Electronic Voting option.

The results shall be announced by the Election Officer by 10.00 AM on 12th December 2020 and shall be communicated to the members through E-Mail / WhatsApp.

The new Team shall take the oath / responsibility on 31st December 2020 at a convenient time in coordination with the existing committee.


Bala Elamaran,

Election Officer

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum, Kuwait




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