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26-04-2019 | Friday | Priority: High


Dear TEFians,


TEF Families have lot of inherent talents and let us move on with “KODAI VIZHA” to bring out those inherent talents through various Competitions.

Kodai Vizha competitions is planned to be conducted as per the dates mentioned in the “Kodai Vizha 2019 Event List”.

Venue for the events scheduled between 22nd March & 20th April 2019 will be informed later.

Grand Finale of KODAI VIZHA 2019 is scheduled on 26th April 2019. Let us not miss it, since it is a once in a year activity.

For more details visit the Events Page on TEF website home page and Click the Attachment link for Kodai Vizha 2019 Event List.

Please send your nominations to tefkodaivizha@gmail.com  after filling the “Kodai Vizha 2019 Registration Form” (sent via email) which should reach us on or before 20/03/2019.


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