TEF-2017-First Technical Meet

The first technical meet will be on 27-01-2017 at Fintas Community Hall, a brief & tentative ...

About TEF

The Tamilnadu Engineers Forum in Kuwait is an association formed from the alumni of engineering colleges in the State of Tamilnadu, India. The forum has a membership of about 500 Engineers ...

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Our Vision To emerge as one of the best Engineering Association in Asia Our Values We are committed to do the right thing, and be seen to do the right thing. We dedicate ourselves to betterment ...

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27 January 2017 | Friday


  Every one of us is aware that ‘HEALTH IS ...

27 January 2017 | Friday

FIRST TECHNICAL MEET: Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing.

அன்பார்ந்தகுழுமஉறுப்பினர்களே!   வணக்கம்.   சனவரி ...

23 December 2016 | Friday

Valedictory - 2016

Dear TEFians Prepare to get mesmerized .. because this ...


19 January 2016 | Tuesday

THANK YOU! - 1st Technical Seminar 2016 - Advanced Flange Management Solutions

Our sincere thanks for your overwhelming attendance to the 1st Technical Seminar 2016 ...

28 December 2015 | Monday

TEF 2016 Organizing committee formed

TAMILNADU ENGINEERS FORUM TEF2016 Committee is formed headed by Eng. Jeya Kumar as the President, ...

08 December 2014 | Monday

TEF 2015 Organizing committee formed

TEF 2015 Organizing committee has been formed by Mr.Rajan (President) with Mr.Rajendrakannan ...